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June 2016 Archives

Drowsy young drivers use cell phones, despite car accident risks

According to an April 2016 study by the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety, about 70 percent of drivers reported talking on the phone while driving. Earlier this year, we posted about a new bill in Louisiana that would increase fines for texting while driving. Recent statistics show why this new bill is so necessary. A new study by Rutgers University researchers shows that cell phone use behind the wheel is still prevalent among young drivers nationwide. Distracted driving car accidents occur regularly nowadays, injuring and killing a number of Louisiana motorists.

New bill increases texting and driving penalties in Louisiana

Distracted driving is consistently one of the most talked about traffic safety issues all across the country. Texting and driving is a major cause for concern with the increased use of cell phones. According to the National Safety Council, texting and driving is responsible for 1.6 million motor vehicle accidents each year. Young people, particularly teens, are especially at risk. Statistics show that eleven teens are killed in texting and driving accidents every day.

Spinal cord injuries can lead to a lifetime of challenges

When a traumatic event occurs, whether it is an industrial accident or a slip-and-fall, injuries are a major concern for everyone involved. People who suffer spinal cord injuries may become paraplegic or quadriplegic as a result of their injuries. At the moment, there is no cure for a damaged spinal cord, and these injuries may lead to health complications in the future.

Tractor driver faces wrongful death suit after fatal accident

If you have been involved in a motor vehicle accident, you know how scary and traumatizing it can be. However, after everything settles down, you feel lucky to be alive. Unfortunately, countless people lose their lives every day at the hands of negligent drivers and trucking companies. For the families of those victims, life will never be the same.

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