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Month: February 2016

A Sixteen Year Old Quadriplegic Patient Suffers a Peg Tube Displacement, Additional Surgical Procedures, and Stage IV Decubitus Ulcers due to the Poor Care and Negligence of the Nursing Staff

Our client was a 16 year old male who had been badly injured in a farming accident. He presented to the emergency department with a burst fracture at the C4 vertebrae of his neck and a spinal cord injury. Surgeons at the hospital performed a surgical fusion of his...

A Woman Suffers from a Femoral Shaft Fracture and Decubitus Ulcers due to Nursing Staff’s Failure to Give Proper Assistance, Implement Turning and Repositioning Techniques, and Follow Proper Nursing Protocols

Our client was an 83 year old woman who was admitted to a nursing home to receive the adequate care and treatment that she needed. Upon her admission to the nursing home, she was identified as being high risk for falls. She was unable to stand on her own, and the...


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