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September 2015 Archives

The effects of spinal cord injuries can last a lifetime

Dealing with the aftermath of a serious accident can be exhausting and leave you feeling helpless. Many serious accidents, whether they occur on the road or while working on the oil rig, can leave you with a myriad of injuries. Spinal cord injuries in particular are some of the most difficult to recover from.

A Punch Biopsy of the Liver during a Diagnostic Laparoscopy Results in a Man's Internal Bleeding and Untimely Death

Our client was a 55 year old man who enjoyed spending time with his family, tending to his cattle, and working at his job in construction. He was a family man to the core and enjoyed having his whole family together every Sunday afternoon. One day, he reported to the emergency room complaining of fever, chest pressure, and a rapid heartbeat for the past four days. Blood work indicated an infections process and a urinalysis indicated a urinary tract infection as well as a critical platelet count of 44,000. Further examination by nursing staff revealed complaints of nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain, decrease in urinary output, and a headache.

Car accidents are on the rise in Lake Charles

Despite nationwide improvements in vehicle safety and crackdowns on negligent drivers, car accidents have been on the rise in the Lake Charles area. Between January and August of this year, 7 people have been killed in Lake Charles car accidents according to local police. There were only 2 deaths during the same time period in 2014. Four of those 7 deaths were pedestrian accident deaths, while 2 deaths involved only vehicles.

Defining a medical malpractice suit

Although technological advances have reached a point where we now have robots working in hospitals and even in surgery rooms, the value and ability of doctors and medical professionals can never be fully replaced by machines. Doctors are humans however, and humans make mistakes. And when it comes to the medical field, a human error can lead to a severe injury, worsened condition or, in extreme cases, even death to a victim.

An Occupational Medical Center Fails to Diagnose and Treat a Severed Tendon in a Man's Right Hand Resulting in Multiple Surgeries and Lengthened Treatment

While on the job, our client was folding a tripod and pinched his right thumb which caused a laceration to the underside of his thumb. His employer insisted he go to their choice of doctor and sent him to an occupational medical center. Our client was examined and received treatment from a nurse. She told him that his tendon was intact, applied a bandage, gave him a follow-up appointment, and sent him home. Our client followed-up a month later and explained to the doctor at the occupational medical center that he still was unable to flex his thumb completely. The physician subsequently took an x-ray of the hand, and after examining the x-ray, determined that our client could return to work. The doctor also instructed him to start range of motion exercises to help with the flexibility of his thumb.

Oilrig workers face serious injuries on the job

Many residents in the Lake Charles area are employed on oilrigs, platforms and tankers. Deckhands, mechanics, operators and other crew members work in offshore oil drilling in the Gulf. These workers may work on fixed platforms, jack-up rigs or semi-submersible rigs. There are also seamen that work on oil tankers and vessels that aid drilling rigs. Unfortunately, all of these workers are at a high risk for accidents that lead to devastating injuries.

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