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Oilrig workers face serious injuries on the job

On Behalf of | Sep 3, 2015 | Admiralty & Maritime Law

Many residents in the Lake Charles area are employed on oilrigs, platforms and tankers. Deckhands, mechanics, operators and other crew members work in offshore oil drilling in the Gulf. These workers may work on fixed platforms, jack-up rigs or semi-submersible rigs. There are also seamen that work on oil tankers and vessels that aid drilling rigs. Unfortunately, all of these workers are at a high risk for accidents that lead to devastating injuries.

While these jobs can be dangerous by nature, employers and owners may still be required to provide compensation if you are injured. Offshore workers who are injured in such an accident can seek legal representation and file suit under the Death on the High Seas Act or the Jones act.

Oil rig work injuries can be serious, resulting in years of pain and suffering. However, someone can be held accountable for your suffering. The Townsley Law Firm has years of experience representing injured workers all over the state.

Attorneys on staff have helped people recover medical and wage benefits during a time of temporary disability as well as damages for lasting disabilities. Future earnings and medical expenses may also be recovered in more severe cases. The families of those who have been killed in an accident may recover damages to help them cope with the loss of their loved ones. No matter what the situation, moving forward after an oil rig accident can be challenging. Fortunately, with the right assistance, you may be better able to handle the aftermath of your injury. For more information on what The Townsley Law Firm can do for you after an oil rig accident, please visit our website.


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