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Seeking legal remedies after car accidents often requires help

A car accident can instantly change a victim’s life. Injuries can lead to considerable pain and suffering, substantial medical bills and lost wages. When someone is killed, family members are left with grief and sorrow as well as financial losses. Fortunately, like every other state, Louisiana offers victims legal ways to seek monetary compensation for their losses. Even so, legal action after an accident can be difficult.

Injured car accident victims first must deal with medical attention and then police agencies to obtain crash reports. After that, they must contact insurance companies to file claims. Surviving family members must first deal with the disposition of their loved one’s remains and then deal with police and insurance companies. After these steps are completed, a victim or family members may need to get more information in order to understand the options available to them.

Unfortunately, insurance companies often attempt to deny liability on the part of the drivers they insure. This is why law enforcement investigation reports are so important. If a report tends to prove that an injured or deceased driver was the victim of a negligent driver, then both the insurance company and the driver are likely to have personal injury or wrongful death claims filed against them. Because insurance companies have decades of experience in dealing with accident victims, they know how to pressure victims into accepting inadequate settlements.

This is where experienced personal injury attorneys like those at The Townsley Law Firm can help. Using accident investigation reports, the attorneys at The Townsley Law Firm might well be able to compel the at-fault driver and insurance company to offer compensation that truly covers a victim’s losses. These can include the costs of medical treatment, rehabilitation and lost wages that are typical in the aftermath of a car accident.


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