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Boating accident claims need specialized legal expertise

Although many have dreamed of a cruising the sea while on vacation or just for fun, not many individuals may think of the sea as being similar to the roads on which they drive on every day. The idea of a voyage sounds more exciting than a long drive; equally, a boating accident may appear to be more horrific than one involving motor vehicles. However, offshore injuries are as likely to be more egregious than those suffered on land and also can be fatal.

A boating accident that occurs as a result of the negligence of another boat owner allows victims or their relatives to file a lawsuit against the errant operator. In the event of an offshore death, the Death on the High Seas Act ensures a legal avenue through which compensation can be claimed, if the accident occurred more than three miles from the nearest coast on the United States mainland.

Given that the average person may not know much about this act and other relevant maritime laws, our blog can help clarify the legal aspects of such incidents. Often, those involved in such accidents tend to be maritime workers, in which case workmen’s compensation may be a potential source of financial relief for injured workers. Even in non-fatal cases, serious injuries that can be debilitating may occur as a result of a boating accident.

Our Lake Charles law firm has great experience addressing the different circumstances involved with maritime and offshore accidents and is knowledgeable about the kinds of compensation that may be awarded. Those seeking compensation for their losses therefore may wish to consult one of our attorneys when faced with a similar situation. Most crucially, accident victims should remember that familiarity with maritime laws relating to boating accidents is an important feature when selecting legal advice or representation, because land accident litigation is quite different than offshore accident cases.


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