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Unlicensed driver allegedly caused fatal accident in Louisiana

Residents of Louisiana may have heard about the fatal accident that occurred recently on airline Highway in Baton Rouge. A 37-year-old woman was driving her car when she was hit by an 18-wheeler. She died at the scene, following the accident.

According to the Baton Rouge Police Department, they received an anonymous community tip that gave them details of the accident. The tip stated that another car, which was traveling in the same direction as the 37-year-old woman’s vehicle, moved into her lane. The woman noticed the car coming toward her. To avoid a collision, she swerved and moved across the median. Witnesses stated that the driver of the car tried to change lanes, but did not seem to notice the woman’s vehicle. The woman’s car was struck on the passenger’s side by the 18-wheeler after her car moved into oncoming traffic. The 24-year-old car driver allegedly refused to stop at the scene after the accident. He was arrested and charged with being unlicensed, driving on roads laned for traffic and felony hit and run. He was booked in East Baton Rouge Parish Prison.

Every day, residents of Louisiana read about motor vehicle accidents on the road. It may be a car accident, pedestrian accident or a truck accident. Negligence on the part of a driver can profoundly affect many people and can cause a great deal of grief.

The loss of a loved one is very difficult to deal with. The loss can affect a family tremendously. However, the family may wish to consider claiming damages from the negligent driver for the loss that they have suffered. They may claim compensation for loss of companionship, funeral expenses and related financial losses. Legal advice may help them to claim reasonable compensation for their losses and they may also wish to get advice from a legal professional who can advise them about their rights in such a situation.

Source: The Times-Picayune, “Baton Rouge police arrest unlicensed driver in Friday’s fatal accident on Airline Highway,” Emily Lane, May 26, 2014


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