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December 2013 Archives

Louisiana woman killed in drunk driving auto accident

Losing a loved one is difficult any day of the year, but the death of a family member on Christmas day is especially heart-wrenching. A Louisiana family suffered just this fate when three female relatives were involved in a car accident with a drunk driver.

Bad outcome from surgery leaves teen brain dead

Parents all across Louisiana want what is best for their kids. Whether it is doing well in school or taking better care of their health, parents advocate making good choices to improve their children's lives. Some parents have to undergo the difficult process of convincing their kids to do things that may be scary or even painful, such as having surgical procedures. While no parent would likely let his child have a dangerous procedure for no reason, many must contemplate the risks of operations and convince their kids that they will be fine in the end.

Fog likely factor in fatal accident on Lousiana highway

When weather conditions are unfavorable for driving, many drivers in Louisiana will still venture out onto the roadways. While it is important for drivers to get where they need to be in a timely manner, it is more important that they get their safely.

Selfies might be the newest car accident hazard

Cell phones are devices that have many different uses. Calling and texting used to be the only communication that could be done, but now most cell phones have Internet capabilities and user-friendly applications for social media. This is changing how people communicate and how they use their cell phones on a daily basis.

Uninsured drivers can cause headaches for injured victims

Many people might not realize the problem that uninsured drivers cause in the Unites States. According to a recent report, approximately 14 percent of drivers in the U.S. are uninsured. This means there is a significant change that if you get rear-ended or injured in a crash, the at-fault driver wouldn't be able to pay for damages or medical expenses.

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