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Bad outcome from surgery leaves teen brain dead

On Behalf of | Dec 26, 2013 | Medical Malpractice

Parents all across Louisiana want what is best for their kids. Whether it is doing well in school or taking better care of their health, parents advocate making good choices to improve their children’s lives. Some parents have to undergo the difficult process of convincing their kids to do things that may be scary or even painful, such as having surgical procedures. While no parent would likely let his child have a dangerous procedure for no reason, many must contemplate the risks of operations and convince their kids that they will be fine in the end.

The parents of a 13-year-old American girl are now struggling to keep the child on life support after the girl experienced a worsened condition after tonsil surgery. The child suffers from sleep apnea and underwent the tonsillectomy in order to improve her quality of life. Though she woke up from the surgery and began communicating with her family, the child began bleeding and soon was diagnosed as brain dead.

This bad outcome appears to have several possible causes. The family of the victim has stated that it believes a mistake was made at some point in the girl’s surgical procedure and that when she began to suffer after waking up there were no medical professionals around to assist. The family has claimed that it and the victim were left to suction blood from her throat in the absence of medical staff at the hospital.

This terrifying ordeal has now left a family fighting to keep its young daughter on life support as they search for answers about why she experienced so much suffering. With the help of an attorney, this family may explore its legal options for protecting its daughter’s rights and for damages and compensation from the hospital for its extreme pain and suffering.

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