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How dangerous are forklifts?

On Behalf of | Nov 11, 2023 | Workers' Compensation

Forklifts are powerful and highly useful tools for many businesses. People who work in construction, warehouses and grocery stores often use forklifts for lifting and moving heavy materials or products. 

However, forklifts are also very dangerous. Even forklift operators who are trained and experienced can make mistakes that lead to serious injuries and losses. Here’s how that can happen:


A forklift can cause severe injuries that are often seen in motor vehicle accidents. For example, a forklift operator could be speeding. As a result, they may struggle to gain control of the machine and stop before colliding with obstacles. This may cause a forklift user to crash into another or a pedestrian. Accidents like this can cause severe head and spine injuries. 

Puncture wounds

One of the biggest dangers with forklift crashes is the prongs used to lift crates and supplies. These prongs are often sharp at the end to make lifting cargo easier. However, these same prongs could impale others. A puncture wound can cause severe and fatal bodily damage, such as organ ruptures and dismemberment. 


One thing that forklift operators have to be aware of is rollovers. A rollover can happen if an operator is misusing the equipment, carrying uneven loads or traversing slick or uneven ground. A rollover can cause a forklift to topple on its side. This can injure operators and workers in the area. Because forklifts weigh so much, people crushed by forklifts could suffer from permanent disabilities. 

Forklift operators have to use this machinery with extreme caution. Workers injured by forklift accidents may be eligible for workers’ compensation, which can help them pay for medical bills and lost wages.


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