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Is your migraine “all in your head?”

On Behalf of | Sep 27, 2023 | Medical Malpractice

Medical professionals should do their utmost diligence when patients come to them with unknown illnesses and medical problems. Unfortunately, not everyone is treated the same by physicians. For instance, African Americans are often treated as though they have a higher pain tolerance than others. However, this stereotype often causes many people to suffer from prolonged and untreated medical conditions.

Another demographic that suffers from medical malpractice is women. It’s very likely many women seeking physicians will hear that their symptoms are “all in their head.” This phrase is often said, for example, when women seek help for their migraines. A doctor saying that a woman’s migraine is all in their head isn’t being literal. The doctor is deliberately undermining the severity of the woman’s medical condition. Medical gaslighting is a very real issue.

Migraines can be a symptom of several medical conditions. Here are a few common medical conditions a woman may be suffering from if they’re suffering from migraines:

Migraines could be a symptom of a larger issue

Migraines can be caused by many things. There are some simple solutions to migraines, such as limiting caffeine, reducing stress and exercising. But, migraines can also be signs of larger medical issues

Many people suffer from migraines because of insomnia. Women who are experiencing sleeping issues or struggle to stay awake during the day could develop fatigue, anxiety and irritability. Getting more sleep may not always help with insomnia and migraines and women may need additional help from physicians who can help locate the issue.

Migraines can also be caused by head injuries. Women who suffer from head injuries may not have their injuries seriously examined. A head injury could lead to more issues, such as memory loss, confusion and sensory issues. 

Women can experience many medical conditions that are not typically seen in men. It can help to get a second opinion after a doctor has dismissed a symptom. If it appears a medical professional has diagnosed a serious medical illness after your concerns were dismissed by another and it caused you harm, then you may be a victim of medical malpractice and need to seek legal help.


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