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Improving your return-to-work experience after an injury

On Behalf of | Dec 13, 2022 | Workers' Compensation

You might feel intimidated to return to work after experiencing an accident there. You may also have concerns about when is the right time to go back.

A positive experience transitioning back to your job will require some planning. Collaborating with your health care provider and your employer can help you identify the most appropriate time to return.

Know your needs

Carefully monitor your progress as you recover from your injury. Communicate with your doctor and employer to create a reasonable plan that enables you to go back to work as soon as possible, even if it means with modified responsibilities. Never return to work if you do not feel ready.

Ask for accommodations

Working after an injury could look quite different than before. You might need to rebuild some skills as you continue your recovery. Some examples of accommodations include making your workspace more accessible and allowing a hybrid schedule so you can tend to medical appointments. You could also inquire about temporarily accepting a different role until you complete your recovery.

Comply with restrictions

Your doctor and your employer may restrict your work at first. According to U.S. News, your employer may not cover your injury if it happened because of conduct that went against company policy. Similarly, if you do not comply with restrictions during your return to work and subsequently suffer another injury, your employer may deny any further coverage.

Complying with the guidelines your employer has put in place can protect you from another injury, as well as enable you to perform your job effectively. With time and preparation, you may gradually reach a point where you can resume your job at its full capacity.


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