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Motorcycle passengers more prone to TBIs than drivers

On Behalf of | Jun 1, 2021 | Motorcycle Accidents

Everyone who rides on a motorcycle in Louisiana assumes some level of risk, but you may be able to mitigate your risks by wearing a helmet every time you ride. Yet, research shows that you face a higher risk of suffering a traumatic brain injury in a crash when you are a passenger on a bike, rather than the person driving the bike. This holds true regardless of whether you are wearing a helmet.

Per Reuters, motorcycle passengers are less likely than those driving motorcycles to wear helmets. While this enhances passengers’ risks of experiencing serious head injuries, other factors also come into play and make you more likely to suffer a head injury as a passenger.

Traumatic brain injury statistics

Regardless of whether you drive the bike or ride on the back, the most substantial injury risk you face in a crash is that of a head injury. However, about 40% of motorcycle passengers suffer traumatic brain injuries in motorcycle crashes, while only 36% of motorcycle drivers do the same.

Contributing factors

Statistically speaking, about two-thirds of those who drive motorcycles wear helmets when they ride. However, only about 57.5% of motorcycle passengers wear helmets, enhancing head injury risks. The person driving the bike also has handlebars to grip and a windshield offering protection in a motorcycle crash. Bike passengers do not, making them more likely to fly off the back of the bike and suffer an injury. Alcohol also plays a role in many bike wrecks and associated injuries.

There is no question that riding a motorcycle is dangerous in comparison to other forms of transportation. However, wearing a helmet every time you ride should help reduce your risk of a TBI.


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