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How do I report medical malpractice?

On Behalf of | Jan 21, 2021 | Medical Malpractice

If you suspect that you have a medical malpractice situation, it is essential that you alert the proper authorities. Not only do you want to follow through with your own lawsuit but also you want to be sure the medical professional does not harm someone else.

The Louisiana Division of Administration explains that you need to begin with a request for a review from the medical malpractice medical review panel.

Request form

There is no formal request document that you will use. You only need to be sure that the document you submit includes specific information. You must include your full name and the name of the health care provider. You must also state that you request a review from a medical review panel and explain the situation of medical malpractice. You must also include the date of the incident and any injuries you sustained as a result.

Submit the request

To get a review from the panel, you will need to submit the request to the Division of Administration. Do note that the Patient’s Compensation Fund will oversee any handling of the situation, but it does not accept the review requests. If you send your petition to the wrong agency, it will delay the response.

You can submit your forms to the Division of Administration by mail or fax. This agency will then forward it to the Patient’s Compensation Fund. You should receive a reply within 15 days of the PCF receiving the form. The PCF will then conduct a review of the situation and will continue to keep you informed about what is happening with the review.


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