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Know the laws about Louisiana bike safety

On Behalf of | Nov 11, 2020 | Car Accidents

Bike laws keep cyclists safe on the road. If you frequently ride your bicycle in Louisiana, review the state safety regulations to avoid injury in an accident. 

Cyclists should know these important Louisiana and Lake Charles bike laws. 

Where to ride

Louisiana does not prohibit sidewalk riding for cyclists. In Lake Charles, you may also ride on the sidewalk but must register your bike with the city to do so. City law also requires cyclists to ride in a single-file line when on the road. 

If you prefer to ride on the roads, Louisiana law says that you can ride in any lane that accommodates vehicle traffic. However, you must stay as far to the right as possible unless passing, turning left or avoiding obstacles. 

How to ride

Louisiana requires cyclists to follow the same traffic signals that apply to drivers, including stop signs and red lights. Lake Charles law states that bikes must yield to pedestrians and signal when changing direction. Riders may not hang onto a moving vehicle. You may not ride with a passenger on your wheels, handlebars or anywhere else. You must keep both hands on the handlebars and refrain from trick riding or otherwise losing control of the bike. 

Lake Charles law also specifies that bikes should have working brakes. If you ride at night, your bike must have a white front light that’s visible for at least 500 feet and a back red reflector or light visible for at least 300 feet. 

By abiding by these city and state regulations, you can lower your risk of a debilitating injury in a car crash. 


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