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How do fall incidents impact workers?

On Behalf of | Oct 17, 2020 | Workers' Compensation

As a worker in Louisiana, you deserve to stay employed at a place that values employee safety. Unfortunately, it is impossible to avoid all workplace dangers. But some places are often riskier than others.

You can see this when you examine fall statistics for various industries. Some have a higher rate of falls, others have a higher rate of fatalities. When looking at primary causes for these falls, it paints a picture about overall safety in the workforce.

Injuries and fatalities from falls

The National Safety Council looks at fall statistics at work from 8 different industries. The data comes from 2016. According to it, government suffered from the highest number of overall fall-related injuries at 63,350 injuries. By comparison, wholesale trade had the lowest number of injuries at 10,250.

But government did not have the highest rate of fatality. That fell to construction, which had 384 deaths. Education and health services had the lowest number of deaths by comparison, with 18 people dying due to falls.

Taking off work for fall injuries

In total, 48,060 workers across the board suffered from severe enough injuries that they had to take time off work to recover. 134 of the workers died from a fall on the same level, while 697 workers died in a fall to a lower level.

The NSC emphasizes that most if not all of these falls were preventable. A lack of proper safety equipment, gear, tools and knowledge often lead to fall hazards. You can see that this has a more lethal impact in some industries over others, like construction. But in all cases, improving fall risk management and safety can have a positive impact on any industry.


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