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What are the dangers of e-bikes?

On Behalf of | Sep 7, 2020 | Car Accidents

Most people understand the risks associated with operating a car, motorcycle or traditional bicycle well. However, there is a new form of transportation taking the United States by storm: the e-bike.

An e-bike bike is essentially a hybrid between a motorcycle and a traditional pedal-powered bike. E-bikes combine the convenience of a bicycle with the horsepower of an actual engine. However, e-bikes have a host of specific dangers. According to Forbes Magazine, you are three times more likely to experience injury writing an e-bike as compared to a traditional pedal-powered bike.

Why are injuries more rampant with e-bikes?

Speed factors in to many injuries. Naturally, the faster you are going on any variety of transportation, the higher the risk of injury upon potential impact. E-bikes go much faster than traditional bicycles, but people are likely to ride an e-bike like they would a traditional bicycle as opposed to a motorcycle. This means that there are plenty of e-bicyclists who do not wear helmets and alternate between driving on the road and driving on sidewalks.

It is telling that the driver of an e-bike is 3 times more likely to collide with a pedestrian as opposed to persons riding traditional pedal-powered bikes. You have less time to react while operating an e-bike because you are going at a higher speed.

How can I be safe on an e-bike?

The best tip is to wear a helmet. If you are planning on riding at very high speeds (some e-bikes can go up to 50 miles an hour), it is better to wear a motorcycle helmet rather than a bicycle helmet.


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