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When should you seek a second opinion?

On Behalf of | Jun 25, 2020 | Medical Malpractice

As a resident of Louisiana, you have entitlement to thorough care for your health. If you do not feel like you are getting the care you deserve, what next? What are your options?

One option is to seek a second opinion. As a patient, you always have the right to seek answers about your health. And if you do not get the answers you are looking for, you have the right to look elsewhere.

How much of a difference does a second opinion make?

Yale Medicine discusses whether a second opinion makes a difference in your healthcare. Studies show in one case that up to 21 percent of patients seeking a second opinion got a new diagnosis. 66 percent of them had their diagnosis refined further. There are several situations in which seeking a second opinion is common. They include:

  • When the treatment or diagnosis for your ailment is not clear
  • When the first doctor recommends surgery
  • When you are dealing with a cancer diagnosis
  • When you want peace of mind

Times to seek a second opinion

In other words, a second opinion is useful if there are grey areas in your current diagnosis. Does the offered solution work for you? If not, seek a second opinion. Is there uncertainty about what you have in the first place? You can ask a second doctor. Does your gut tell you that something is off with your first diagnosis? Follow it, and follow up on it.

Do not be afraid of offending your doctor by asking for a second opinion. This is common practice in the medical field. A good professional will not mind. In getting many opinions, you often gain a better understanding of the issues you face.


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