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Sleepy, cranky drivers contribute to rise in road rage

On Behalf of | Oct 4, 2019 | Car Accidents

Are you getting enough sleep? If so, you are one of the shrinking group of people who are not chronically fatigued. However, just because you are sleeping enough does not mean that you do not have to worry about other people’s sleep patterns. Being tired does not just make people cranky, it also makes drivers angry. All of those angry drivers are making road rage a bigger problem.

Angry drivers and road rage are not new. Many drivers in Louisiana have probably experienced moments where they felt annoyed or frustrated with other drivers’ behavior. Unfortunately, too few people realize just how dangerous this behavior is, and it is getting worse.

Now road rage involves guns

You may not associate gun violence with road rage, but more and more drivers are pulling out firearms. The nonprofit news organization The Trace tracks gun violence data, including incidents when drivers brandish guns or fire them at other drivers. The Trace recorded 247 incidents in 2014, 620 in 2016 and 325 between 2017’s first six months — that is nearly two incidents every day.

It is not just guns behind the wheel that make drivers dangerous. Statistics from 2016 found that 80% of drivers admitted to engaging in road rage or serious aggression in the year prior. Another upsetting figure? Around 6 million drivers intentionally rammed into other cars that year.

Factors in sleep deprivation

There is denying that sleep deprivation is a serious problem. When drivers lose even just one hour off their regular sleep schedules, they are just as dangerous as drunk drivers. Missing out on sleep is usually not something that people choose, though. Instead, it is a response to increasingly busy and stressful lives.

It seems like society is increasingly expecting adults in Louisiana to fit even more into their already loaded schedules. You probably understand the pressures to somehow commit yourself fully to both your work and your family, not to mention all of your other obligations. However, there simply is not enough time to give 100% of yourself to every task, but many people try to do it anyway, usually by giving up hours of sleep.

Road rage behaviors

Brandishing a gun and intentionally ramming another vehicle are both drastic examples of road rage. However, there are normally other events that lead up these actions. Tailgating, yelling or gesturing at other drivers, cutting off other drivers and preventing others from changing lanes are also examples of road rage. When drivers engage in even just one of these behaviors it can cause things to escalate quickly.

If you were the victim of a road rage accident then you know just how terrifying it can be to encounter an angry driver. You also know that being involved in a serious accident is a life-altering experience. Getting compensation for your injuries and medical bills is a priority, so you should not wait. Speaking with an experienced attorney can help you get started with the process of filing a personal injury claim.


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