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At least one injured as alleged drunk driver hits multiple cars

On Behalf of | Jun 13, 2019 | Car Accidents

Louisiana drivers who get behind the wheel after drinking are a menace to others on the road. In some drunk driving accidents, the driver will compound the problem by fleeing the scene making it a hit-and-run.

Recently, a man was arrested for DWI and more after police said he hit several vehicles and fled. According to news reports, the man rear-ended a vehicle that was sitting at a red light. Reports said the man then backed up, drove around the first car he hit, through a red light and, at the intersection, hitting two more vehicles. The man then got out of his car and ran away. One of the other drivers whose vehicles had been damaged pursued him. The man told law enforcement where the hit-and-run driver was hiding, and when police arrived they arrested him. The man faces charges including negligent injuring, hit-and-run, driving recklessly, driving without insurance and DWI.

The impact of an auto accident, especially a rear-end crash, can be significant even if the initial aftereffects do not seem serious. Back injuries, neck injuries, head injuries, broken bones and more can sometimes only become apparent after a crash. Medical costs, lost income and other damages can be enormous. A personal injury claim can be the best way for the injured to recover these damages. They can also ensure that negligent drivers are held accountable when the criminal justice system does not.

A law firm that has experience in car accidents can help the injured and their families understand their legal options and how the law may apply to the facts of their case. Because of legal deadlines and the need to preserve evidence, it’s important to contact an experienced attorney soon after the accident.


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