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Serious injuries and death can result from shore injuries

On Behalf of | Feb 22, 2019 | Admiralty & Maritime Law

When the words “boat accident” are heard in Lake Charles and throughout Louisiana, the first thought that naturally comes to mind is an incident on the water. This is understandable. However, not all boat accidents or watercraft accidents occur when people are on the vessel or in the water. These accidents can impact people who are on the shore too. Serious injuries and fatalities can happen to those on the shore just as easily as it can happen to boaters and swimmers. After an accident on the shore to workers or people there for other reasons, it is imperative to contact a law firm that has experience in all types of watercraft accidents.

Often, workers are stationed on the shore as part of their duties. They load and unload ships, help with docking, launch boats, and work in warehouses. Despite precautions and safety procedures, accidents are often unavoidable. Perhaps someone operating the boat was being reckless. There could have been a weather-related incident. A fellow worker could have made an error. Or the workplace protocol for safety might have been violated. Part of a legal filing is determining responsibility. This is especially true in a shore-based work accident.

With people on the shore to fish, take the sun or while family members are swimming, drunk boaters, reckless boaters and other risky behaviors can cause accidents. The investigation is critical to a legal filing to receive the maximum in compensation for all that was lost. After the accident, hospitalization is frequently necessary along with the accompanying bills. Long-term medical care, the need for assistance, the inability to work and problems living a normal life are common. When there is a fatality, whether it is to someone who was working or was simply on the shore as part of a day of leisure, the family left behind will need to think about funeral expenses and other costs associated with the unfortunate accident. A law firm that understands these cases is critical.

Dealing with insurers, examining police reports, checking into the safety record of employers, assessing how vigilant regulators are in boating safety are all keys to a successful legal claim after a boat accident. Calling for advice from a firm that specialized in admiralty and maritime law is the first step in a case.


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