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Prisoner dies in fatal accident while on work release duty

On Behalf of | Oct 18, 2018 | Wrongful Death

In Louisiana, it is an unfortunately common occurrence for people to be injured on the job. The type of jobs in which people suffer injuries can vary, and even jobs that are not considered very dangerous can have accidents with injuries and fatalities. Some jobs are known for the risk the workers face when they do them. That includes law enforcement, emergency responders and construction workers. When there is a work accident and a loved one has suffered wrongful death in the incident, the family must ensure they are fully protected by discussing a legal filing with a qualified attorney.

An inmate on a prison work release job was killed while working on a construction project. According to the investigation, the man had a head injury that led to his death. Law enforcement believes it was an accident. It happened at around 3 p.m. when the 50-year-old man was working on a project to manufacture construction materials. The man was on a transitional program for inmates to prepare for release. He had only recently joined the program. After he was hit on the head, he was declared dead at the worksite. The U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration was informed of the accident. The investigation is continuing.

No matter the circumstances for a worker, whether it was an inmate trying to turn his or her life around, or it was a person who had been working and living within the law, the family has the right to understand how the fatal accident came about and to seek compensation. There are many factors that go into a legal filing. Funeral costs, lost companionship, lost wages and more will be part of the process. This is without even mentioning the emotional effect of an unexpected fatal workplace accident. For the family, having legal help with a lawsuit is essential.

A man who had just been granted the right to take part in a work release program as he awaited completing a prison sentence was killed when he was hit on the head during a construction project. The case is still being assessed, but the man’s family must remember their rights and have an investigation with their interests at the forefront. A law firm that is experienced in investigating a fatal accident and moving forward with a wrongful death legal filing can help.


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