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Car accident victim injured when crane crushes SUV

On Behalf of | Oct 4, 2018 | Car Accidents

Roadway construction is a fundamental reality of life in Louisiana and across the nation. Since so many people travel the nation’s roads, it is important for there to be maintenance and improvement as necessary. It might seem to be an inconvenience when there is slowed traffic because of roadwork, but it is preferable to the alternative of the roads being dangerous for lack of upkeep. While there are dangers when encountering construction work on the road, one thing that drivers will rarely expect is for a piece of construction equipment to crash into their vehicle causing injuries and death. Unfortunately, these incidents happen.

The driver of an SUV was injured when a crane from a construction project toppled and hit the vehicle. The accident happened in the morning at around 8:30 a.m. on the interstate. The intent of the project is to expand the road to include a third lane. After the crane hit the SUV, emergency crews were called to extricate the driver. A second crane was needed to remove the toppled crane. The driver was hospitalized with injuries that were said to be moderate. The investigation into how the crane fell is continuing.

When discussing an auto accident, the first thing that will come to a person’s mind is being involved in a crash with another vehicle, but that is not the only way that a car accident can happen. One type of accident that is especially dangerous is when the driver is not expecting it. A larger vehicle or object falling on top of a smaller vehicle can cause crush injuries, head trauma, broken bones and spinal cord damage. It can easily lead to a fatality. Even in instances where the victim does not believe that the injuries are serious, the aftereffects could be substantial with some injuries not manifesting themselves until later. It is important to have legal protection regardless of the situation.

A person in an SUV was hurt when a construction crane crashed onto the vehicle. Although the initial reports of the driver’s injuries make it seem as if it was not serious, that does not mean the injured party and family should ignore their legal rights. Just like any other accident, it is important for those who have been impacted by this type of incident to understand their rights to seek compensation in a legal filing. A law firm that is experienced not just in car accidents, but in construction accidents as well can help with the investigation into this accident and should be consulted with as soon as possible.


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