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Distracted driver behaviors are not limited to phone use

On Behalf of | Jun 28, 2018 | Car Accidents

Since distracted driving is a problem that is getting worse in Louisiana and across the U.S., researchers conduct surveys and do research into the issue to try to find a way to reduce or even stop it completely. Part of that research involves delving deeply into various factors, such as gender and how people are distracted. One new survey has discovered interesting results in this regard. They can be important factors when there is an auto accident, a distracted driver is believed to have been a cause and the victims are considering a legal filing for compensation.

A survey has shown that men are more likely to engage in distracting behaviors than women. This goes beyond texting and driving and into other activities, such as looking at pedestrians. In the survey, there were more than 2,200 participants from across the nation. It found that of all drivers, more than 70 percent take part in distracting activities and these are not limited to using devices.

In comparison to women, men have a 22 percent higher rate of using their devices when behind the wheel. They are almost three-quarters as likely to use their knees to manipulate the steering wheel. And they have a 70 percent higher rate of watching videos when behind the wheel. Most notably, the number of men who will look at pedestrians as they are driving is 260 percent higher than women.

Distractions also include other behaviors, such as eating and drinking non-alcoholic beverages. An estimated 60 percent of operators do this when driving. Another study from four years ago stated that drivers are 3.6 times likelier to have an auto accident if they are eating or drinking when driving. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration approximates that there is an 80 percent higher risk of being in an accident and a 65 percent higher risk of “close calls” because of eating and drinking while driving. The western part of the U.S. has a higher incidence of drivers using their phones while behind the wheel when compared to the northeast.

Since a driver can be distracted by factors other than a phone, it is imperative for those who were in an accident and think it might have been because of a distracted driver to have help from a law firm that can conduct a full investigation to determine the cause. With medical expenses, lost time at work, the need for care and the number of injuries and long-term damage that can come from a crash, a lawsuit is often necessary to recover compensation for all that was lost in car accidents.


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