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Man suffers workplace injuries when crane topples over

On Behalf of | May 2, 2018 | Workers' Compensation

Workers in Louisiana who suffer workplace injuries must bear in mind that they are protected by the workers’ compensation benefits system. Some jobs are more dangerous than others and those who work with heavy equipment, do physical labor or are on sites that are not entirely stable can be more vulnerable than others. No matter the job, when there is a workplace accident, the injured person and his or her family must make certain their rights to workers’ compensation are protected and they get the benefits they are entitled to.

According to a recent report, a man operating a crane near a canal was injured when the crane toppled over and trapped him in the cab. The cab was underwater in the canal when he was rescued. The incident happened at approximately 9:15 a.m. The crane was in the process of putting metal beams next to the canal. A bulkhead is being built. The crane was close to the bank of the canal and it tipped over. Other people working on the site pulled the operator from the cab. He was subsequently taken to the hospital. He was said to be conscious and in stable condition at the hospital.

Workers’ compensation is in place so that people who are injured on the job will get the medical treatment they need, receive income and are compensated for any issues they suffer in the present and future. It is important to remember that some cases are scrutinized and insurers might deny a claim for a variety of reasons. It is not unusual for there to be a dispute over many parts of the case, including how long the worker should be away from the job and the level of treatment needed. Some cases are relatively straightforward, but others are more complex.

As the investigation into this recent incident continues, it is imperative for the worker to protect himself and his loved ones by getting the right information about workers’ compensation cases.

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