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Fatal accident on helicopter kills 2 contractors in Louisiana

On Behalf of | Nov 19, 2017 | Wrongful Death

Accidents can occur in any circumstance in Louisiana and lead to a fatality. People who are simply minding their own business driving, riding a bicycle or walking can be in a crash and killed. A medical error can result in a person’s untimely death. Or accidents can happen at work. Regardless of how the fatal accident came about, there are fundamental issues that will inevitably arise. People will need to understand how a fatal accident can affect them and consider a wrongful death legal filing.

Two contractors from California who were working in Louisiana died in an accident. The men, ages 26 and 27, were working from a helicopter when the accident occurred. According to the investigation, their job involved working on electrical lines. They were attached to the helicopter by a safety harness. It is believed that the safety harness snapped after coming into contact with the electrical lines. This led to them falling. They fell approximately 100 feet to their deaths.

When a person leaves for work, the last thing their family members are thinking is that it is the last time they will see them. Although it is known that certain jobs such as law enforcement, emergency response teams and construction work carry with them an inherent danger, it still comes as a shock when there is a fatal accident and they suffer the unexpected loss of a loved one. The family might not know what to do in the immediate aftermath. There will, of course, be funeral costs. But they also must consider other factors such as lost income, lost companionship and any medical expenses that might have accumulated before the death. Having advice from an attorney can help to consider a legal filing to be compensated.

The investigation into this case is ongoing. However, it is known that the men were working as contractors on electrical lines from a helicopter. Given the danger of the work they were doing, it was imperative that they had the proper safety equipment and all proper precautions were taken by their employer. When accidents like this occur, it is important that there is a full investigation to see how and why the accident happened. Speaking to a personal injury attorney can help families decide whether to seek compensation.

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