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Workplace accident on oil rig injures seven, with one man missing

On Behalf of | Oct 20, 2017 | Workers' Compensation

Some jobs in Louisiana can be risky for workers and an accident can result in severe injuries and even death. Those who work in these types of jobs will rarely complain about them and can put aside the dangers they are confronted with on a regular basis. However, that does not mean that they or their families can forget about it entirely. This comes to the forefront when there is a workplace accident and workers suffer injuries and death. Knowing the process to receive workers’ compensation becomes vital when there are lost wages and medical expenses to consider.

Workers who are employed in the oil industry face inevitable risks in their profession. This was highlighted with an explosion on an oil rig in Louisiana. Calls were made to emergency personnel not long after 7 p.m. on a recent evening following an explosion and a fireball. Boats from the police department and other agencies went to the scene. Seven workers were injured and given assistance. Four were stranded and taken to shore. One was not accounted for.

Those who were hurt suffered burn injuries. Five of them were said to be in critical condition and were hospitalized at a trauma center. The others were taken to a different hospital for treatment. The wounds are related to burns and blast injuries. Three of those hurt were employed by the company. Four were contractors. The missing worker is a contractor as well. A search for the missing worker is ongoing. The men were conducting routine maintenance on the platform.

Oil workers are used to hard work and when they are injured it can be difficult for them and their families. For these workers, burn injuries can cause disfigurement, disability and the inability to get back on the job in a short time, if they can get back at all. Hospitalizations, surgical procedures, long-term care and more will be required. Having legal assistance is essential for injured workers to get the workers’ compensation benefits and the care they need.

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