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Good Samaritan hurt in Lake Charles hit-and-run car crash

On Behalf of | Oct 18, 2017 | Car Accidents

When there is a car crash in Lake Charles and throughout Louisiana, those involved are expected to stop to ensure that people are uninjured and call for help if they are. It is unfortunate that some do not adhere to this ethical duty after car accidents. A hit-and-run auto accident makes it more difficult to garner information about the circumstances and, as with any accident, it can result in injury and death. In a hit-and-run crash, the car accident victim must remember to protect his or her interests.

Recently in Lake Charles, a Good Samaritan had gotten off his motorcycle to help a woman who was having issues with her car. After assisting her, the man got back on his bike and was heading down the street when he was hit by another vehicle. The vehicle that hit him fled the scene. According to the investigation, the vehicle was a white Volvo driven by a female. She is still being sought and has not turned herself in yet. The rider suffered an injury to his left leg and is expected to recover in one to two months. Law enforcement is seeking the driver of the vehicle.

People who are in an auto accident should be aware of all the issues they might face in the aftermath. Injuries can lead to long-term problems, lost time at work and the need for care for an extended period. Even those whose injuries appear to be clearly defined — broken bones, bruises, lacerations — can be confronted with problems that arise after the fact. There can be significant medical expenses and financial struggles for a variety of reasons.

One’s initial thought might be that a lawsuit is unnecessary. However, the aftereffects could be worse than initially thought, and the insurance company’s offer is often insufficient. For these reasons, people sometimes choose to file a lawsuit following an accident.

In this recent case, a man who had simply stopped to help someone else and then went about his business found himself injured after a crash. The driver of the vehicle that hit him fled. People in situations like this should assess their legal options, so they can make choices that are in their best interests.

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