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April 2016 Archives

Informed consent in medical malpractice cases

Medical malpractice typically stems from medical negligence on the part of the medical professionals treating patients. There are many ways for a Louisianan medical professional to act negligently. Many medical malpractice cases stem from lack of informed consent.

Lawsuit filed against Duck Commander after fatal accident

When a fatal accident occurs in Louisiana, the family of the victim can file a wrongful death lawsuit against those responsible for their tragedy. In November 2014, an accident on Interstate 10 claimed the life of a young woman. Her mother has now filed a lawsuit against the Louisiana Department of Transportation and the company behind the popular TV show, "Duck Dynasty."

A Woman with Congestive Heart Failure has a Thorocentisis and Suffers a Hemothorax and Bled to Death in the Hospital

Our client, a 74 year old female, reported to the emergency room with complains of having shortness of breath and pain in her abdomen. She was seen by an internal medicine specialist who ordered an x-ray. The x-ray revealed a right-sided pleural effusion. A cardiologist evaluated the x-ray and recommended a thoracentesis to drain her right sided pleural effusion. An ultrasound guided thoracentesis was perform, which yielded a large amount of clear, yellow fluid. Fifteen minutes after the thoracentesis was performed, our client lost consciousness, and her blood pressure dropped to 96/45. After the thoracentesis, our client started having diminishing breath sounds and having pain on her right side. The pain was so great that she eventually required narcotic pain medication to control it. Our client continued to experience these symptoms, but they were never properly assessed by her doctors or the nursing staff.

Computers do not fully prevent medical errors

Every time one seeks medical care, they put their life in the hands of their doctors, nurses and other health care professionals. While a majority of medical professionals in Louisiana take this very seriously, a number of mistakes are still made. These mistakes can lead to bad outcomes.

The effects of aging on spinal cord rehabilitation

Spinal cord injuries change the lives of hundreds of Louisianans every day causing permanent disability. Nowadays, older people are more active than ever before making them more susceptible to this type of injury. The average age of a person with a spinal cord injury has increased, requiring researchers to study how aging impacts recovery once the spinal cord has been damaged.

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