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December 2015 Archives

Spinal cord injuries and quadriplegia

When someone is injured in a Louisiana car accident, a major concern is whether any of the injuries are permanent. Spinal cord injuries can be some of the most severe and have the most long-lasting consequences. Partial paralysis or complete paralysis can occur as a result of these injuries.

A Woman Suffers a Traumatic Brain Injury Called Trigeminal Neuralgia due to a Hospital Nurse's failure to Provide Adequate Assistance for Sit to Stand Activity

Our client was a 69 year old woman who had recently undergone a total knee replacement surgery. The day after the surgery, she was evaluated by a physical therapist. Our client was able to ambulate approximately 80 feet on the first post-operative day with the use of a gait belt and the assistance of the physical therapist. The physical therapist determined that our client would need the use of a bedside commode whenever the foley catheter was removed.

Lawsuit filed against Smith Maritime after maritime accident

Louisiana families of maritime workers are well aware of the risks their loved ones face every day. One man and his wife have experienced these risks first hand. The wife has now filed a lawsuit in the Eastern District of Louisiana against Smith Maritime and others after her husband suffered disabling injuries while on the job.

Nursing Staff Failure to Use Proper Sterilization Techniques and Isolate Infected Patients Results in the Untimely Death of a Woman due to Acinetobacter Baumanni Infection

Our client, a 37 year old woman, was admitted to the intensive care unit after being diagnosed with bacterial pneumonia, urinary tract infection, malnutrition, and a form of muscular dystrophy. During her hospitalization, she required intubation and an eventual tracheotomy. She also required night time ventilator support. During her stay in the ICU, our client was exposed to other patients with Acinetobacter baumanni. This happened because the nursing staff failed to isolate infected patients and failed to properly clean and disinfect their hands. Our client developed a positive sputum culture for Acinetobacter baumanni, a multidrug resistant organism. She was not placed in contact isolation for her positive culture, which would protect other hospitalized patients. A week after contracting the bacterial infection, she developed a fever, was transferred back to the ICU, and put on ventilator support. Our client continued to deteriorate, and she died 4 days later.

Nurse Practitioner at an Occupational Medicine Center Misdiagnoses a Cut on the Index Finger, Fails to Diagnose a Lacerated Tendon, and Fails to Timely Refer the Patient to a Hand Specialist

Our client, a 39 year old male, worked as a welder for a construction contractor. One day, while in the course and scope of his employment, he suffered an injury to his left index finger when his glove got caught in a grinder and the grinder sliced his left index finger. Our client went to an occupational medical center at the request of his employer. He was seen by a nurse practitioner for the treatment of his lacerated finger. The nurse practitioner gave the diagnosis of a laceration of the proximal joint index finger. The site was cleaned and sutured, and our client was told that he could return to work. 

The aftermath of car accidents can be difficult to handle

This year, motor vehicle accidents have impacted the lives of millions of people throughout the United States. The severity of the accident will often determine what the next steps will be. If it was a minor accident, you may only have to deal with a few scratches and dents to your vehicle. If it was a more serious accident, spending thousands of dollars on replacement vehicle parts and medical expenses could be in your future. In addition to the financial difficulties you may be facing after an accident, you may have physical and emotional struggles to deal with as well.

Pedestrians in wheelchairs at higher risk for accidents

Most of our readers in the Lake Charles area are aware of the risks pedestrians face as they cross bustling city streets. With distracted driving so prevalent these days, pedestrians face more danger than ever before. Pedestrians who require a wheelchair to get around are even more at risk. A study published in BMJ Open earlier this year shows that from 2006 to 2012, the mortality rate for pedestrian wheelchair users in car accidents was 36 percent higher than pedestrians without wheelchairs.

Poor Surgical Technique and Postoperative Treatment for a Lacerated Hand Results in a Man's Long-Term Pain, Extended Treatment, and Missed Work

Many times a general surgeon will believe in error that he can treat a problem that really should be referred to a specialist. In this case, our client cut his hand with a table saw and sustained lacerations to the index, middle, and ring fingers of his left hand. He immediately reported to the emergency room for repair and treatment of the injured hand. The laceration of the ring finger extended across the side of the finger totally across the bone. The middle finger laceration was at the mid portion of the middle phalanx. A general surgeon was called in to repair the lacerations to the hand; this is a complicated surgery that would have been more appropriately conducted by a hand specialist.

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