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Medical malpractice litigation — the steps to follow

On Behalf of | Jun 5, 2015 | Medical Malpractice

Many residents of Louisiana may agree that medical malpractice incidences are reported quite often in the state. Generally, medical malpractice refers to injuries or damages caused by negligence on the part of healthcare professionals who deviate from the accepted standards of practice. Medical malpractice cases may include negligence during surgery, treatment or recuperation period. A victim or the family of a victim of medical negligence may sue the medical professionals or the hospital for the damages.

But before pursuing a claim against the healthcare professionals, it needs to be proved that there was a deviation from the standards of practice and the concerned medical professionals were indeed responsible for the victims’ condition. Claims against medical negligence should be filed within a given period of time, as suggested by the law. The usual time for filing a claim is one year from the date of the incidence, and the filing should be done in a prescribed format that should also include the amount sought for compensation.

There are certain requirements before filling a compensation form. The victim may submit a request for review of the claim by a medical panel. Details of the claimant, defendants, insurance providers and the medical facility where the incident took place and the names of the plaintiffs should also be provided to the court. Details of the injury also need to be submitted. Improper filing or incomplete information may work against the claim and can result in a rejection of the claim. More about the claiming process can be learned from an earlier post on this blog.

Our law firm is experienced in handling medical malpractice litigation cases. Our attorneys involve medical professionals to help evaluate and investigate the claims of our clients, to provide them with the best possible outcome. For more information about medical malpractice, please see our medical malpractice webpage.


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