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Multi-car accident claims the life of a Louisiana resident

On Behalf of | Jan 2, 2015 | Car Accidents

Tragically, car accidents are frequent occurrences in Louisiana, resulting in severe injuries as well as fatalities in many cases. These car crashes may occur in multiple car pileups or rollover accidents which often multiply the injuries and number of victims. Louisiana authorities have, time and again, imposed and strictly enforced traffic rules throughout the state.

A recent four-vehicle accident claimed the life of one of the drivers near Lafayette, Louisiana. One of the cars struck another, triggering a rollover accident. The ensuing multiple car accident resulted in injuries to numerous car occupants. The preliminary accident investigation found that all car occupants were wearing seatbelts, which may have lessened the degree of injury for the survivors. Toxicology samples were collected and sent for further investigation to assess if alcohol or drugs were involved.

In many cases, law enforcement and state legal authorities observe that car accidents are generally linked to traffic violations. Many drivers in car accidents are found to have been engaging in distracted driving, which could be driving while texting, driving while arguing with passengers or other bad practices. Traveling over the speed limit or any other form of traffic violation, such as not stopping at traffic signals, may result in grave injuries if cars collide.

Lake Charles car accident victims may suffer severe injuries to the head, brain or spine that may render them permanently or temporarily disabled. Such disabilities may require years of physical therapy, recuperation as well as financial adversity in the form of unemployment. Legal measures may exact due compensation from the responsible party to the benefit of the victim as well as his or her dependents.

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