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January 2014 Archives

Non-invasive therapy for spinal cord injuries being tested

Spinal cord injuries can leave Louisiana residents with devastating effects. These injuries can leave people unable to walk, move or even care for themselves. People who suffer these types of injuries -- including paralysis -- may spend months or even years in rehabilitation trying to make small improvements. Many may never be able to do the things they enjoyed prior to their spinal cord injury.

Head-on boating accident leads to injuries

Boating can be a really fun activity for many Louisiana residents. Getting out on the water can provide entertainment as well as a means of travel. However, hitting the open waters requires skill and attention from anyone who anyone who takes command of a boat -- no matter it's size. The consequences for ignoring boating safety rules and regulations can be very serious.

Pedestrian killed in Louisiana accident

People can get hurt in so many different ways in Louisiana. Many accidents are only minor and people bounce back relativity quickly. However, some accidents are often life threatening -- especially those between pedestrians and vehicles. While pedestrians are a common sight on many of Louisiana's roadways, some cars and trucks still are not careful enough to avoid a collision. Since pedestrians have virtually no protection from the massive size of these moving vehicles, accidents are frequently fatal. Recently, a Louisiana roadway had to be closed down following an accident between a vehicle and a person. According to reports, the person was found face down in the ditch near the road. Police are investigating the fatal accident but believe that an auto-pedestrian accident occurred. It is unclear from reports whether the driver of the car stayed on scene or if it was a hit-and-run. When a fatal car accident involves a pedestrian, families members of the victim should ensure that an investigation of the accident takes place. This accident investigation can help to determine if negligence played a role on causing the motor vehicle accident. Negligence can include any behavior that a reasonable driver would have avoided under the same or similar circumstances. Texting and driving, speeding and drunk driving are all examples of common negligent behavior that can cause serious injuries to other drivers and to pedestrians.

Doctors miss cancer, leads to patient's worsened condition

It can be nerve wracking for Louisiana residents to go to the doctor. They may be afraid of having tests done on them, but the results of those tests could allow a doctor to accurately and adequately treat the condition, often leading to a remedied or vastly improved medical condition. Sometimes, though, those tests are not conducted or the results are misread. These mistakes can leave a patient with a worsened medical condition that can be life-threatening.

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