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Police: inattentiveness factor in Lake Charles car crash

On Behalf of | Oct 10, 2013 | Car Accidents

A car accident on Interstate 10 in Lake Charles earlier this week could have been much worse. Although no one was injured in the accident, police say a Ford F-350 pulling three other vehicles on a trailer was going to fast and the driver wasn’t attentive when the crash occurred.

A report on the accident said that the driver was coming around a curve to fast, when they lost control of the vehicle and went into the median, causing all three vehicles on the trailer to be ejected. It is only a matter of timing that other vehicles were involved in the car accident, and no one was hurt.

Inattentive driving can cause severe accidents, and many people don’t realize how many distractions are in a car. Some people are distracted trying to find a new radio station. Others might be programming a GPS, or texting their friends while behind the wheel. These activities are dangerous and can easily result in a car crash that results in severe injuries or fatalities.

Speaking with an experienced Lake Charles attorney after a car crash might be a wise decision. They can help a victim understand their rights, and possibly seek compensation to pay for any medical expenses.

Sometimes a person can find themselves trying to deal with insurance companies. These companies might offer victims settlements. An attorney can help evaluate any settlement offers and handle claims with insurance companies. It is important that a victim gets the necessary amount of compensation to cover all of their expenses.

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