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Texting while driving: how do we stop this dangerous habit?

On Behalf of | Sep 25, 2013 | Car Accidents

People text and drive. They numbers are staggering. Driving down the highway, it wouldn’t be uncommon for a person to pass numerous drivers distracted by their cell phones in just a short few-miles drive. A panel of safety and technology individuals met in the nation’s Capitol to discuss how to stop people from using their phones while driving.

Many had technological innovations that they thought could help, and one had a moral committment made through a pledge. The pledge was that people would not use their cell phone while driving. Technological ideas included a phone vault, that people would have to put their phones in, in order to start the car. Another was an application that would disable a phone while a person drives.

Although these ideas might work for some people, the general public will have to take initiative to download an app or buy a restrictive device, Signing a pledge could easily be forgotten about.

The discussion on how to prevent cell phone use while driving may have to come from increased enforcement. Larger campaigns on the true impacts and dangers of texting while driving might also help. However, until people learn that they are not invincible and cannot multitask while driving, more accidents will continue to happen.

Car accident victims might be seriously injured or even killed. When someone is injured, they not only experience physical pain, but also emotional and financial issues. Speaking with an experienced personal injury attorney might be a wise decision. They can help a victim understand their rights and protect their best interests.

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