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May 2013 Archives

Teen car accident risk increases with lack of sleep

Parent often understand that when their teenagers don't get enough sleep they might be hurting their academic studies and their ability to function at their best during the day. A recent study found that a lack of sleep by people ages 17 to 24 might not only be detrimental to their academic performance but also in their ability to focus on the road.

Teen dies in car accident just outside of Lake Charles

A car accident involving two vehicles just outside of Lake Charles last week left one teenager dead and two others in serious condition at a hospital. The driver who is believed at-fault in the accident was one of the people injured along with another passenger. A third passenger in her car was the person killed, and  authorities believe the driver may have been impaired at the time.

Distractions of surgical team can greatly increase medical errors

People go into routine and emergency surgeries everyday across the country. Patients expect their doctors to be in peak mental conditions and ready for complications that could arise. However, because a surgeon's job and the jobs of those that assist in surgeries need to be so precise, any small distraction can result in a very dangerous situation.

Even the best doctors can make errors

When people think about a medical malpractice issues, they often remember horror stories they have heard in the news where a patient had an instrument or other material left inside of them during surgery. Although these instances of medical malpractice get far more attention, misdiagnosis, and delayed or incorrect diagnoses happen far more frequently and might be just as detrimental to a patient's health.

Driver sues Louisiana hospital after ambulance, car accident

People that businesses would call professional drivers are on the road every day. These drivers are expected to have special training, specific to the vehicles that they drive, and observe all of the laws of the road. Sometimes these vehicles have more blind spots than normal cars or they are much larger than passenger vehicles, increasing the hazard that these vehicles pose to the public.

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