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Truck accident prompts feds to issue alert

On Behalf of | Mar 14, 2013 | Car Accidents

Federal safety authorities are reminding states to be vigilant in inspecting commercial vehicles and ensuring truck drivers are practicing safe driving habits. This comes after a major commercial vehicle accident resulted in the death of six people earlier this month. Federal authorities say that the company involved in the trucking accident has had multiple safety related violations in the past, but still had a better than average safety record based on national data.

This means that many trucking companies can have many more safety violations than the 17 that this company had and still be on the road. There are many regulations on truck drivers throughout the country, but accidents such as this one still occur all too often. Although there are regulations in place, it is still up to the individual truck driver to ensure that they are practicing safe driving habits and following the regulations in place.

Commercial vehicle drivers in Louisiana and throughout the country are often working long shifts, trying to deliver their products as quickly as possible so they can go home or pick up another job to earn more money. Many times drivers are paid by the mile, meaning the farther they drive in a shorter period of time, the more money they can make.

This can lead to catastrophic accidents. People deserve to be safe on the roads, and companies must ensure their drivers are putting safety at the top of their priority list. The size of many commercial vehicles and the long hours that the drivers work put everyone on the road at risk of severe injury or death.

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