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Louisiana seaman files suit under Jones Act in federal court

On Behalf of | Feb 7, 2013 | Admiralty & Maritime Law

A man injured on a vessel last year has filed a lawsuit against Big R Towing Inc., where he was previously employed. The man slipped and fell on the vessel’s wooden floor during operations. He reportedly suffered a disabling injury and has now filed the suit under the Jones Act in a federal court in Louisiana. The man is seeking an unknown amount of compensation for loss of earning potential and physical and mental pain, among other things.

These types of accidents can be very serious. Slippery surfaces might be common on vessels, but employers need to take all precautions necessary to ensure a person has a safe work environment. The wooden floor of the vessel in this case was reportedly changed after the man’s accident. Taking action after an accident doesn’t help the victim of the accident. Employers need to warn employees of any known hazards. Not doing so can result in serious injuries as it did in this case.

People who suffer serious injuries while working on a vessel off the coast of Louisiana might be wise to speak with an experienced personal injury attorney. An attorney with experienced handling admiralty and maritime law might be able to help a person seek compensation under the Jones Act. This act is meant to protect seamen and help inform them of their rights in the event of an injury.

Sometimes employers will do little to help a person after an accident and workers might not be informed of their rights. An attorney can help the person determine if their situation is covered under the Jones Act and help them seek appropriate compensation.

Source: Louisiana Record, “Seaman files lawsuit after slipping and falling on vessel’s wooden floor,” Michelle Keahey, Feb. 5, 2013

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