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Why do you have blurred vision after an accident?

On Behalf of | Nov 29, 2022 | Car Accidents

In an instant, a motor vehicle accident can change your life. Different injuries can impact your function, including how you use your eyesight.

Often, vision problems occur due to a traumatic brain injury. Unlike the rest of your body, your head and neck can move freely during an accident. The impact of the collision can cause your head to strike various surfaces within your vehicle.

What vision problems can occur following a TBI?

Some of the most common visual problems after an accident include blurred vision, decreased peripheral vision and double vision. When reading, it may be difficult to see the words; the words and numbers may look like they move. If you do a lot of work on the computer, it may become increasingly difficult to read the screen.

You may be more irritable in public when there are a lot of patterns or motion. Likewise, bright lights and glare may affect you worse than before.

Why do TBIs cause vision problems?

Traumatic brain injuries damage different areas of your brain. For example, a brain injury may affect your ability to process movement. You may find it difficult to scan stationary objects or follow a moving target.

Your brain controls your eye movement. If a TBI causes one eye or both eyes to move outward instead of inward, you will have double vision. Also, injuries to the skull or eye socket can also damage the muscles and nerves, making it difficult to move your eyes properly.

Often, vision problems occur with pain after a TBI. Your eyes may hurt or tear up more than before. Likewise, vision problems may cause you to feel dizzy or to suffer headaches.


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