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Handling the cost of a funeral after a wrongful death

On Behalf of | Nov 16, 2022 | Workers' Compensation

Whether as a result of a motor vehicle accident, a workplace accident or even medical malpractice, handling a sudden death is complex and difficult. It demands a lot of attention and time in a moment, all while you deal with unexpected grief.

Understanding the costs of a funeral may help prepare you to look for options to help cover them.

The basics of funeral costs

As the National Funeral Directors Association details, the West South Central region of the United States sees a median range of funeral costs between $6,405 and $7,334. The main difference between these two is the choice of whether you opt for a burial or cremation for your loved one’s funeral service.

These costs factor in basic service fees, body preparation and transportation between locations. Additional costs may include extra details during the service. Embalmings cost around $775 and may be an optional cost, though many funeral homes require it for an open casket viewing. A cemetery may require the installation of a cement vault for burial, which may add to the final total.

Options to cover funeral costs

Many families raise money in their own ways, from car washes to other community gatherings. However, if your loved one’s death resulted from negligence or a workplace incident, there may be other options. Workers’ compensation covers a certain amount of reasonable funeral expenses. Wrongful death claims after a car accident may cover these costs as well.

While no amount of money can heal the emotional ache of losing a loved one, having the unexpected cost of a wrongful death funeral taken care of may offer peace of mind.


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