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Did you hurt your spine at work?

On Behalf of | Sep 17, 2022 | Workers' Compensation

Back pain is actually the leading cause of people calling out from work across the globe. However, back injuries can cause more than just a few days that require rest and an ice pack.

Injuries to certain parts of the back, like the spine, can result in lasting damage that may even impact a person’s ability to continue working.

Severe effects of spinal cord damage

Mayo Clinic looks at spinal cord injuries in specific. Spinal cord injuries happen for various reasons which can include slips, trips, falls and more. These injuries are usually more moderate to severe in nature.

Some of the more serious side effects of spinal cord damage include changes to the surrounding nerves and the possibility of true nerve pain. This type of pain manifests in different ways for people, but often includes sensations like burning, stinging, tingling or electrical shocks. Some may experience numbness instead.

The impact on mobility

It is also possible for motion to end up affected. Because of the spinal cord’s role in voluntary muscle control, paralysis is a well-known result of spinal damage. This could be partial paralysis that improves with time and physical therapy. It could be full paralysis that might still have a chance of recovery. In the worst-case scenario, it involves paralysis that a person can never recover from.

With any amount of paralysis comes the frightening possibility of job loss. After all, it is often impossible to continue with the same job tasks that a person could easily do before loss of mobility or nerve pain.

This is why it is important for such victims to see what their options are for compensatory damages.


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