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Who is most likely to be a road rager?

On Behalf of | Aug 6, 2022 | Car Accidents

When you are on the road and heading toward your destination, you may look around and notice some other drivers are aggressive and dangerous.

Learning about the common traits and practices that signal that someone is a road rager can help you understand why car accidents happen.

Typical behavior and approach to driving

According to Bankrate, people who are already prone to anger problems tend to react poorly to stressful situations in traffic. If they assume that they can break the rules or drive far over the speed limit without any problems, they are more likely to take these risks.

These psychological factors can lead to tailgating and even physical confrontations. Angry people may also show more rage toward drivers who are following the rules and not letting them speed or refusing to yield to them on highways.

Physical traits and time of year

Younger people and men tend to choose aggressive responses to possible problems when they are on the road. While women and older drivers can still instigate car accidents or fail to follow traffic signals, they may not have the same level of aggression.

Drivers on the road during the summer months are also more likely to show signs of road rage.

Size of car

When road ragers perceive that traffic around them is too slow, those drivers in convertibles could try to switch lanes without checking for other cars or pass around vehicles illegally.

People in vehicles that can reach high speeds may feel more confident showing aggression on the road. Knowing how much road rage can influence people is important when you are around angry drivers.


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