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When should I get a second opinion?

On Behalf of | Dec 3, 2021 | Medical Malpractice

Doctors are not infallible. They are people who can and do make mistakes, which is why you should seek a second opinion in certain situations.

Yale Medicine explains there are some times when it is best to seek another opinion from another doctor, but you always have the right to exercise the option if you do not feel comfortable with what your doctor is saying.

Surgery recommendation

Doctors treat situations differently. What one doctor may think requires surgery, another may think there is an alternative treatment option. The last thing you want is a needless surgery or to go into surgery if you are unhappy with the idea. Surgery can often mean a long recovery, so it is a good idea to ensure it is essential. Getting another doctor to chime in can help you to see the options or give you peace of mind.

Cancer diagnosis

Cancer is a serious disease that requires extensive treatment. It also is one of the more commonly misdiagnosed diseases. If you get a diagnosis or if your doctor refuses to diagnose you but you feel something is wrong, then you should seek the help of another doctor.


If you think your doctor is unsure or you feel uneasy with the diagnosis, then go see another doctor. You deserve to have a confident diagnosis. Your situation may be complex or you may have something your doctor has never dealt with before, but another will recognize immediately.

Seeking a second opinion can help you to sidestep potential issues, mistakes and general malpractice situations. Never feel bad about going to see another doctor.


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