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Is it normal to feel scared of driving after an accident?

Getting back inside of a vehicle after suffering injuries in a serious accident can trigger lots of emotions. You may question whether or not you will ever feel comfortable driving again.

What you should know is that it is normal for you to feel scared or anxious. Knowing some strategies for rebuilding your confidence may help you slowly regain the courage to drive again.

Write down how you feel

Internalizing your feelings of discomfort may only exacerbate them and worsen your emotional state. Recovering from trauma takes time and often requires the support of people in your circle. According to Geico, write down the details of your accident from start to finish. Feeling like you can express your feelings may provide enough relief and incentive to continue your recovery from the psychological trauma you experienced.

You may also consider reaching out to a therapist or other mental health professional who can help you work through your situation. Participating in therapy, for example, may enable you to learn about coping strategies. You can get help identifying triggers and implementing effective responses to prevent ongoing problems.

Come up with a plan

If you desire to drive again, start by making a game plan. You will want to start small and gradually build your confidence. For example, plan to practice in an area that does not have much traffic and where you can have space. Ask someone to accompany you. Your first experience may conclude with only sitting behind the wheel. Allowing yourself to get comfortable again without any pressure or expectations can make the experience a positive one.

Even though you may feel frustrated with your emotions, remember that physical and psychological trauma both require time to overcome. Your efforts coupled with adequate support may improve your chances of feeling comfortable driving again.


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