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What are the symptoms of a severe TBI?

On Behalf of | Oct 4, 2021 | Workers' Compensation

If you suffer a traumatic brain injury at work, it can change your entire life. According to Mayo Clinic, traumatic brain injuries occur from a jolt to the head or violent blow. A TBI may occur due to a fall or penetrating injury. One of the industries that has a higher chance of head injuries at work is the construction industry.

TBI symptoms do not always manifest how you may expect them to. The following symptoms may help doctors diagnose a severe TBI.

What are the physical symptoms?

When it comes to severe TBI, symptoms may appear right away, up to several hours or days later. If you lose consciousness during the incident or after the incident, you may have a TBI. persistent headaches, seizures or nausea also indicate serious injuries. When doctors check for a brain injury, they may look for pupil dilation, weakness in the fingers and toes and loss of coordination. If you have clear fluid draining from your ears or nose, you should seek medical attention immediately.

What are the cognitive symptoms?

A TBI can affect your behavior. Often, patients with a TBI become agitated quickly and more combative with those around them. You may experience confusion more often or act unusually from how you used to. Any sudden mood changes following a head injury may be the result of a more severe complication. Signs of depression, insomnia or memory problems indicate a TBI.

Some people may also experience communication issues. You may have difficulty organizing your thoughts, participating in conversations or understanding speech. Severe TBI limits brain function and requires emergency care.


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