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How should you adjust your car’s mirrors?

On Behalf of | Sep 9, 2021 | Car Accidents

While you may have several decades of experience behind the wheel, you could encounter new information that changes how you drive. For instance, do you know the proper way to adjust your car’s mirrors?

Driving Tests explains how to set rear and side-view mirrors properly. Take steps to ensure you see as much of the road and everyone on it as possible.

Rear mirror

Your car’s rear mirror should give you a full view of the driving lane immediately behind you. Adjust it until you see the entire rear window in the mirror without moving your head. Drivers taller than six feet may want to position the mirror upside down. That way, you lift the bottom of the mirror a couple of inches and get rid of a massive blind spot.

Side-view mirrors

Like many drivers, you may position your car’s side-view mirrors so you still see the side of your vehicle. The issue with this is you leave a large blind spot and limit your visibility. To position your side-view mirrors properly, tilt your head to the left and maneuver the driver’s side window so you barely see a sliver of your vehicle in the reflection. Then, lean to the right and adjust the passenger-side window so you barely see the side of your car.

With your side mirrors, remember that you always know where the sides of your car are. You want to use your side-view mirrors to keep track of movement on the road, so positioning them so you only see a scant bit of your car opens up your visibility and could prevent an accident.

You cannot account for every circumstance on Louisiana’s roads. With your mirrors positioned correctly, you could give yourself the few seconds you need to avoid disaster.


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