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Is it possible to avoid hydroplaning?

On Behalf of | Jul 23, 2021 | Car Accidents

Hydroplaning is an incredibly dangerous occurrence that happens on wet roadways. It occurs when your tires can not get traction with the road due to water. When you hydroplane, you lose all control of your vehicle as it slides.

U.S. News and World Report suggest preparing for hydroplaning in case it ever happens to you. Being prepared can help you to avoid an accident and may help you avoid hydroplaning in the first place.

Slow down

The biggest cause of hydroplaning is driving too fast for the conditions. In rain, you should always lower your speed. Even going the speed limit may be too fast when there is a lot of water on the roads.

Turn off cruise control

Another major factor in hydroplaning is the use of cruise control. You should never use this feature on wet roads. It can make your vehicle go out of control. If you are using it and start to hydroplane, shut it off immediately.

Take turns carefully

If you need to make a sharp turn of any kind, slow down. Your tires lose a little traction naturally when you turn, but on wet roads, this increases. Slowing down can help you to maintain traction.

Check your tires

You should always maintain proper inflation of your tires. Check them every time before you drive, but especially if it raining or will rain. You want to be sure they are properly inflated because they will provide the best traction control.

Hydroplaning can be very scary. You should always try to avoid driving in heavy downpours, but if you must drive on wet roads, there is always a chance it could happen to you, so make sure to follow these tips to stay safe.


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