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What do you know about sharing the road with motorcyclists?

On Behalf of | May 11, 2021 | Car Accidents

As the weather warms, you may find more motorcyclists on Louisiana’s roads. No matter how much experience you have as a driver, it never hurts to receive a reminder course on sharing the road with two-wheeled vehicles.

Driving Tests explores tips to help motorists drive alongside motorcycles safely. Learn how to keep yourself and motorcyclists free of avoidable harm during the warmer months.

Keep a close eye on your blind spots

While you should always watch your blind spots when shifting lanes or merging, doing so becomes especially crucial with motorcycles on the road. You may easily miss a motorcycle because of its small size. When checking your mirrors, remember that motorcycles and their riders may easily blend into the reflection, so look carefully before maneuvering your vehicle.

Remember that motorcycles move faster than automobiles

When driving near motorcycles, remember that they maneuver faster than four-wheeled vehicles. Give them adequate following distance, as driving too closely could cause an accident if you do not anticipate a nimble riding action.

Pass with care

You may not realize how much wind you kick up when passing other vehicles until you pass a motorcycle. When driving around motorcycles, give a signal early, and wait until you put several car lengths between yourself and the motorcyclist before switching lanes again. This way, you do not risk blasting a motorcycle off the road or otherwise putting riders in unnecessary danger

Drive with extra caution at intersections

Most driving accidents, no matter how many wheels a vehicle has, happen at intersections. Always come to a full stop at intersections, pay close attention to posted road signs and double-check for oncoming traffic before continuing through an intersection.

Hopefully, you never experience an auto accident with a motorcycle. Knowing how to share the road with all manner of vehicles protects your peace of mind and your auto insurance premiums.



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