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How can a crush injury affect your ability to work?

On Behalf of | May 7, 2021 | Workers' Compensation

As a worker, you attend your job every day knowing that there are certain risks you face on the clock. Some are more unexpected than others, though. Crush injuries often fall into that category, even among industries with a higher chance of them occurring such as construction.

Suffering from any form of crush injury can severely limit your ability to work. In what ways do these injuries impact your ability to live your life?

Factors that tie to crush injury severity

Medline Plus discusses how crush injuries impact victims. First, the overall impact depends on several factors. What area of the body got crushed? How heavy was the item that landed on the victim? And how long was that item in place before rescue workers managed to free the victim? What was the overall health of the victim, too?

All factors will impact the overall healing time of an injury and whether or not a worker will experience a full recovery. In many instances, workers cannot return to their job for weeks or months at the least. Depending on severity, one might end up rendered entirely incapable of doing their work. For example, someone who relied on their feet might not be able to return to the job if they ended up getting a foot amputated.

Seeking compensation

Even if victims can eventually return to work, it may take months or years before reaching that point. In the meantime, medical bills continue to stack up. Therapy costs money, too. This is why many victims seek compensation for their injuries. It allows them to pay off medical expenses without worrying about the current lack of income.


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