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What are Louisiana’s texting and driving laws?

On Behalf of | Apr 9, 2021 | Motorcycle Accidents

Every state has created laws specifically to address mobile device use and texting while driving. This distracted driving behavior has led to too many accidents, which required states to try to curb the behaviors.

The Louisiana Highway Safety Commission explains the state has a ban on using mobile devices while driving. There are some exceptions, and the law is very specific about age limits and the use type of devices while behind the wheel.

General law

The law prohibits all drivers in the state from using a cell phone to send or receive text messages when driving. Officers can pull you over if they suspect you are texting and driving as it is a primary offense. You would face a possible $175 fine for your first-time violation. If you have additional violations the fine is $500.

The law does allow for exceptions for emergencies. You can also use your phone for GPS services.

Underage drivers

There are other rules for drivers under the age of 18. These drivers are operating under the state’s graduated driver’s license program. If you are a minor, you cannot use a cell phone or other mobile device for any reason when behind the wheel. This includes talking on the phone along with texting.

Again, this is a primary offense, which means an officer can pull you over for using your cell phone. Fines for minors start at $100 for the first time and $200 each time thereafter.

Regardless of age, if while using your mobile device while driving you cause an accident, then you will face double fines. You probably will also have additional penalties related to the crash.


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